Horses that Heal features disabled riders and their families, and the daily struggles, sacrifices and successes they experience on a daily basis through the effects of Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies. This documentary features riders competing at the 2015 Chisholm Challenge in Fort Worth, TX, one of the largest equestrian events for disabled riders in the world.

Viewers will be immersed in the beautiful stories told by these riders and their families, who’ve made great strides in quality of life. Although coverage by insurance is frequently denied, Horses That Heal shines a light on the science behind the effectiveness of Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies. Horses That Heal will move audiences, and remind them of the unique ability that horses have to heal the mind, body and soul.

Horses That Heal is a joint project between F2 Media and RIDE TV. Scroll down to learn more about these companies.

About F2 Media

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Davi has ridden horses her entire life. Davi was born 10 weeks premature. Maneuvering day-to-day activities requires the assistance of a wheelchair. However, Davi is a remarkably different person on horseback. Riding her favorite horse, Rose, allows Davi to stand taller than she ever could on her own.

Davi Sallee
Euless, TX

Preston has always been in a wheelchair. The first time he got on a horse, he looked down at his mom and said, “I’m taller than you.” Preston enjoys competing with his horse, Thor. Whether just leading his horse in showmanship or riding in trail, horseback riding has given Preston a new perspective on life.

Preston Kromer
Aubrey, TX

Therapeutic Horseback Riding has made a world of difference for Courtney. Not only has riding built up her core strength, but it has given her a sense of self-confidence. Courtney enjoys riding and competing on her horse Lili, playing the piano, and singing.

Courtney Miller
Weatherford, TX

In the words of his mother, Tanner is a dynamic and outgoing kid. Born premature, Tanner developed cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair for assistance. Tanner loves to compete on his horse, Mr. Big. Tanner’s mom grew up horseback riding as well. Because of this, Tanner feels like horseback riding is in his blood.

Tanner Lowrey
Denton, TX

Collin has grappled with learning challenges and fought depression from an early age. Now nearly 18, he is a loving, outgoing, and intelligent kid. His parents say Therapeutic Riding made all the difference. Collin treats his horses like family. His current horse is Hope.

Collin Baker
Melissa, TX

Kaitlyn is a happy, loving, and social little girl. Born with several severe mental and physical disabilities, Kaitlyn benefits immensely from Therapeutic Riding. In 2010, Tricare, the military healthcare provider that previously covered Kaitlyn’s therapy, suddenly stopped. Her parents have been engaged in a long legal battle to gain coverage for not only Kaitlyn, but all military families.

Kaitlyn Samuels
Keller, TX